Breast Cancer Pieces

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Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons for use in the Breast Cancer Awareness Flag Template.  #1 is 50 small ribbons and #2 is for 1 Large ribbon and stars to go with it for use in the template.

All Logos, Stars, and items are available with PnS (Peel-n_stick).  It comes with an adhesive backing.  You simply peel the backing paper off and push it onto the piece and its stuck.  No need for nails, glue, or other adhesives and no squeeze out.  Much quicker and cleaner of an install.*


*PnS must be on a clean surface.  When put on surfaces it must be clean and smooth.  The rougher it is the less it will stick. Wood should be sanded to 220 grit and if possible for best result a layer of finish is recommended.  Try to refrain from lacquer as it reacts with adhesives.